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A DIRECT RELATIONSHP between the absolute temperature of an object * Sun’s energy created by nuclear fusion * Energy transmitted as electromagnetic radiation moving at the speed of light * The overall all output of solar energy over time is constant * SOLAR CONSTANT—1370 W/M^2
Earth’s Atmosphere is composed of: * Constant Gases * Variable Gases * Particulates 1. Water Vapor: * About 2% at Earth’s surface * Stores heat (a green house gas) * Moderates temperature * Vital for life 2. Carbon Dioxide: * 0.039% * Plants absorb CO2 * A greenhouse gas
The GREEN HOUSE EFFECT is a natural phenomena that allows Earth to be warm enough to support life 3. Ozone
- Three oxygen atoms
- A band occurs at an elevation of 12.5 miles and protects us from UV, also occurs at ground level as smog pollution * When ozone is at a ground level it is a pollutant * Forms when atmospheric oxygen reacts with automobile and factory emission * Human activity is depleting the ozone layer
Particulates- Microscopic bodies carried in the air Liquid form- clouds and rain Solid form- snow, hails, soil, volcanic ash, pollen
Conduction- Transfer of heat between molecules in contact
Convection- Circular current created by movement of molecules
Radiation- The emission of electromagnetic waves * The flow of solar radiation takes many different paths
Direct Radiation- solar energy that makes it directly to surface * 96% of energy that makes it to the surface is ABSORBED by land and water – heating the planet surface
This heat energy is stored as: * Sensible Heat – heat you can detect by touch * Latent heat – is hidden and cannot be measured by a thermostat
RADIATION BUDGET- the balance between incoming and outgoing radiation on Earth * 69% of short-wave energy from sun absorbed by earth * Earth re-radiates all as longwave energy *