earthquake story Essay

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Ms. Smith

Earth Science 10

June 6, 2013

On a hot Sunday morning in New York city there was sudden clash and the whole city was shook. It was then announced by the Governer that this was completely un expected. It was an Earthquake. The plates that clashed were not supposed to crash in the next hundred years. But, for some reason they were “moved” faster than ever possible. People began to Gossip wondering what caused such destruction. As seven million people were killed. Cajos has stricken the north American plate. Earthquakes have been popping up out of no were all day. The number of people killed has sky rocketed. As now 40 million are dead in the east coast of the United States. The president officially called for a state of emergency on June 5th.. Investigators start looking for answers as to why this is happening.. Then, as investigators were giving up hope. A man sent a letter saying he is responsible for all that has happened. The man signed his letter to investigators as Mr. Earthquake. He explained that he has complete control of the plate tectonics and finished by saying he could every person in the world, If he liked to. The investigators were than ordered to stop threatening Mr. Earthquake. But, the investigators didn’t believe the man and before they knew it the whole world was under attack the death total has reached 800 million. Mr. Earthquake let the power get to his head. He explained how he was given this power. He said he a worker at