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Easter Island

Easter Island is a puzzle that many have tried to figure out. There are many theories revolving around the mysterious moai that inhabit it, and immense research has taken place. But for the time being, the megalithic stone heads that reside on Easter Island are just that, a mystery.
Easter Island, properly named Rapa Nui by its natives, is a miniscule island thousands of miles off the coast of Chile. The rocky patch of land just fourteen miles long and seven wide is home to 887 rock statues depicting a man-like face and body. Each monument on average is over thirteen feet tall, weighing around 4 tons.
Many different theories float around as to how Easter Island became deserted, one of the more known and reasonable ones being that Polynesians landed on it around 800 BC and depleted its resources thus rendering the island unlivable. There’s evidence through the study of fossilized vegetation and petroglyphs indicating that the first to inhabit the island most likely found it fertile and covered with trees. But when the population increased, it taxed their resources, the eradication of indigenous plant life, primarily trees, resulted in a shortage of raw materials, leaving them without the basic elements needed to build shelter and canoes and left them without a food source and a way to leave the island. Resource deprivation led to a growing tension that resulted in warfare and cannibalism which would run their society to the ground.
Even some other less conventional theories have come to the forefront, such as ancient aliens landing on the island, making the natives build statues to monument them. Some believe that extraterrestrials crashed onto Easter Island and taught