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Spirits Roles in Scrooges Transformation There are numerous different elements in “A Christmas Carol” that greatly affect Ebenezer Scrooges finished transformation. One of the strongest elements in the novel to play a role in this transformation is the characters of the spirits, the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and what is yet to come. Each and every spirit in the novel plays a certain role in his transformation. The roles of the spirits throughout Scrooges transformation can easily be seen throughout the journeys in which they take him. Each spirit causes a different realization in Scrooge that he needs in order to change himself. The three spirits, or apparitions or past, present, and future in “A Christmas Carol” play one of the largest roles in Scrooges transformation. The spirits are present throughout the novel and each has a different a purpose. The first spirit to appear is The Ghost of Christmas Present. The Ghost of Christmas Present comes to Scrooge sometime after Jacob Marley has left, while Scrooge is lying awake in bed. He is described as “a strange figure -- like a child: yet not so like a child as like an old man; Its hair, which hung about its neck and down its back, was white as if with age; and yet the face had not a wrinkle in it; The strangest thing about it was, that from the crown of its head there sprung a bright clear jet of light, by which all this was visible; and which was doubtless the occasion of its using, in its duller moments, a great extinguisher for a cap, which it now held under its arm.” (Dickens, 54-55). To Scrooge the Ghost of Christmas past represents many things such as past memories and events. The ghost comes to Scrooge in order to help him remember his past and to bring back many of the memories that he has repressed. He causes Scrooge to become very nostalgic. The Ghost of Christmas Past shows Scrooge some of his bad experiences in his past that has shaped him into the man he currently is, but also reminds him of his good experiences as well.
After the Ghost of Christmas Past has ended his journey with Scrooge a new spirit arrives in order to guide him through another. When Scrooge first witnesses the Ghost of Christmas Present he is sat upon a large throne formed from a Christmas feast. The Ghost of Christmas Present is presented as a Jolly Giant with clear and kind eyes (Dickens, 73-74). He is “Clothed in one simple green robe, or mantle, bordered with white fur. This garment hung so loosely on the figure, that its capacious breast was bare; Its dark brown curls were long and free; free as its genial face, its sparkling eye, its open hand, its cheery voice, its unconstrained demeanor, and its joyful air.” (Dickens, 74). The Ghost of Christmas Present strongly represents true Christmas spirit and goodwill. He takes Scrooge on a journey in order to show him what is happening in the lives of others that he has not been able to see. He takes Scrooge to visit his business partner, Bob Cratchit, and his family. Scrooge expects to see a family hopeless in their poverty, but what he comes across isn’t so. He sees the hardships of The Cratchits and the troubles that one of their sons, Tiny Tim, is going through, but he doesn’t see the hopelessness that he expects. He sees an abundance of faith, hope, and Christmas spirit. The Ghost of Christmas Present causes Scrooge to feel sorrow, empathy, and truly feel for others whom previously had meant nothing to him as one can see after he asks the spirit about what is to become of Tiny Tim.
The last spirit to visit Scrooge is the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. He comes to Scrooge in a truly unforgettable manner, described as a phantom shrouded in gloom