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Vision Statement: By 2025, Gowanus will be a neighborhood that maintains a healthy standard of living by promoting economic prosperity, cultural identity, environmental sustainability and the coexistence of a diverse demographic. Economic Booster: Gowanus will become a neighborhood that promotes economic growth through the creation of local businesses and industry. Mixed-Use (Affordability): Gowanus will consist of a cohabitation of commercial and residential zones that benefit from each other. The neighborhood will also thrive and profit from the inclusion and promotion of affordable housing, encouraging a strong, united growth that is representative of all its residents. Sustainability: The neighborhood and the canal will be examples of green development and sustainability in order to address the harmful effects of climate change through rigorous cleanup efforts and the promotion of environmentally responsible developments in the area. Multi-functioning Canal: The Gowanus Canal will be used as a community meeting point through recreational areas and access points to its waterfront, while also serving as a commercial corridor. Vibrant: The Gowanus neighborhood will benefit from areas and configurations that motivate community participation and growth, while also attracting outside visitors and investment in commercial and recreational activities. Evaluation Criteria: Economy
It is important to promote jobs and industries in the area that will provide locals with employment in order for the neighborhood to thrive economically and keep up with metropolitan, state and national markets. Local jobs will provide the area with daytime activity, encouraging development in other areas, such as restaurant services, or improvements in public transportation. The preservation of manufacturing in the area, and the incentive for innovative businesses to the come to the neighborhood, will diversify the local economy, and provide a wider range of job possibilities. Transportation
The use of cars should be discouraged in the area in order for traffic levels to decrease, especially along main streets such as 4th Avenue. To alleviate traffic congestion, and avoid parking saturation, different modes of transportation such as biking should be encouraged through the implementation of bike paths. Pedestrian walkways should also be improved to motivate their use and avoid accidents. Facilitating access to subway and bus services will also discourage vehicular transportation, while ultimately