Ecstasy: A Short Story

Words: 362
Pages: 2

I saw the long weeds and fallen branches scattered around the field. It looked calm and untouched like a scene out of a movie.There were also big trees throughout so me and Cooper knew it would take a while to make this a track for dirt bikes.
The first thing Cooper and I did was go and get tools. “What kind of tools should we get?” asked Cooper. “I’ll get a weed wacker and clippers and you get a rake and a saw,” I replied . The next thing we did was go back down to the field.
“I will start chopping down the weeds and you can use the saw to cut down small trees” I told him. We kept doing this process for about 45 minutes. Now it was sort of coming together. After that we were onto the next step which was to rake up all the leaves and weeds