Education and Student Number Identifier Essay

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Florida Virtual School Student Identification Form
**Due to recent changes in legislation (1011.622 F.S.), FLVS must obtain and match the unique student identification number used by your current public school.**
Please take this form to your public school front office and obtain the required information.
Then log back into your VSA account and enter the information provided by your school.
District/School Name:
District Name

School Name

Legal Name Used by Public School:
First Name

Middle Name

Last Name

Suffix (Jr., III, etc.)

FL Student ID: (Must be exactly 10 digits, also known as Student Number Identifier, Florida)

A ten-character code used to uniquely identify a student. The number must be maintained for all PK-12 students, adult general education students and postsecondary career and technical education students. If the student provides a social security number, the Student Number
Identifier, Florida equals the social security number followed by an “X.” If a student does not provide a social security number, the school district should assign a number using the common method statewide. For any student entering a Florida school district for the first time who does not have a social security number, the first two digits will represent the district of initial entry into the Florida school system. The last eight digits are district-defined in such a way as to result in a unique student number within the district where the number is originally assigned. If a