Education and visually Stimulating Classroom Essay

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• Professional Development Day will be held on Monday February 18th at Small Wonders. This is a mandatory meeting. Those who do not attend will be written up.
• Winners will be announced for our Bio Board Contest on Tuesday, January 29th. Good luck!!
• Attached you will find a self evaluation. This evaluation will help determine your Merritt increase in March. Your evaluation is due Friday February 1st. All forms must be filled out!
• I understand there have been some issues with late afternoon snack. I will be sending out a notice to parents about snack in the next newsletter. In February, if you still continue to have issues with afternoon snack, please late Ms. Jennifer and I know.

Educator’s are not ‘teaching to the choir’. They are not entering into a discourse with professionals who are intimately informed of the information that is to be shared. We are typically either building on or introducing new concepts that require a variety of metacognitive skills, such as thinking and study skills (Slavin, 2012, p.168). Students generally enter into the classroom with schemes (p. 31) that they use in dealing with objects, or in the case of instruction in the classroom, learning. When educators take the time to invest in understanding the learning styles of those that are being instructed, they lay the basic foundation for effective classroom practice and a potentially enhanced learning environment. It does a kinesthetic learner no good to walk into a