Education: Family and School Essay

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Family Paragraph

Education plays a big part in my family. My extended families experience with and view on the importance of education has affected my family. My siblings and I were expected to go to college and continue our educated. It also made us competitive between us and help us get better grades. Education was very important to my family because of their experience. My parents have bachelor degrees and my grandparents were teachers, and with all the experience they have, my siblings and I were expected to go to college. Every time my family would visit my grandparents, they would sit my brother and me down and talk how important school was. They would say how education has become more important over the years and without college, it’s hard to find a quality job to support yourself. My parents would always badger us on what college we pick. Growing up their was high expectations on school and going to college. Dinner conversations always ended up talking about how school was going. The expectation my family had for my siblings and I has impacted us immensely with my sister having her bachelor degree, my brother in his last year of college and with myself in school. Education has become so important in my family, that my siblings and I have become extremely competitive. My family made school competitive, so we would do well in school. After each term, prizes would be handed out if you did well in school. The prizes would include later bedtime,