Education: Nursing and Saw Nursing Shortages Essay

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The media
As nurses, most would agree that the media such as television’s treatment of nursing falls short of a fair and accurate depiction of what a nurse is and their duties. In most Television products, nurses tend to be just the submissive helper of the physician. Most TV shows are centered on the physician and their abilities rather than what a nurse brings to the table. As nurses we are stereotyped as only being the helping hand when in actuality we are the ones who are at the bedside, day and night, who makes judgment calls, and teaches the patient.
Despite Hollywood’s portrayal of nursing the media in general has been positively influencing the public’s perceptions of the profession, according to a new study (Wood). The positive aspect is that the public is able to distinguish between reality and the fictional characters of nurses portrayed on TV. The media is great at discussing the concerns of nursing such as shortages in staff, benefits and wages. These are all concerning aspects of nursing and with proper media coverage it can be addressed. During a study conducted the public was asked their opinion on the nursing shortage and what contributes to it. When asked about the main reasons for shortages, the public responded differently than the nurses. The public saw nursing shortages as primarily driven by wages and benefits. Fifty-three percent of the public said that nurses are underpaid, while merely 30 percent of nurses said the nursing shortage was linked to salary and benefits. Nurses constantly pointed to working environments and faculty…