Essay about Vision for the Future of Nursing

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February 28, 2011

United States is transforming its health care sector in order to give affordable and quality healthcare to its people. This system is envisioned to be accessible to every patient centered and evidence based care facility that will improve the health care. In order to realize this dream, the system requires drastic remodeling in various aspects (Domino, 2005). One of the major aspects that shall be considered is the nursing profession that represents the largest part of the system. By looking into various aspects of the nursing profession, nursing organizations as well as the state bodies can develop measures that will see futures developments within this sector. Of
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This care must be matched to the proper utilization and the saving of money set aside for healthcare. In order to realize this role, the nurse must be one who can economically utilize healthcare facilities that are assigned to them. This is seen as an important factor since they have direct access to the pharmaceutical products, medical tools and even energy sources that are utilized by healthcare facilities. Hence by being indirect control of these resources, they are obligated to use them wisely as they provide healthcare to patients. In addition to this vision, we can further advance the goal of the American Nursing Association. This organization had seen a need for nurses to integrate nursing delivery systems or models. This implies that any nursing model or delivery system that is used cab be integrated in order to improve the services of nurses. According to Kany (2004) the ANA saw this as one of the decisive factors towards the development of the nursing sector. On the other hand, nurses play an important role to the public relations of the healthcare sector. This is because by being the largest sector in the delivery sector of the healthcare department, they have the greatest influence over the image of this sector. According to Kany (2004) the values the sector holds towards healthcare delivery, creates an image of nurses. Furthermore it also affects the quality of