Effect of Broken Home Essay

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1.1 Background to the study
Broken home is a worldwide problem and it occurs in a situation whereby the parent are not able to cope with each other may be as a result of financial constraint or incompactibility of their behavior hence the child live with either of the parents. The parents in order to make bolt ends meet will not be at home most of the time. The child is deprived of love and affection and parent s enlightenment and motivation on how to go about things.
The family in this situation becomes less important as an educating an gent where the parents the child is living will have to re – marry , either the man or woman, the child may not be acceptable by the step parent. Thus, such a child
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Also, it looks at some of the causes and how to know and compare the percentage of children from broken home to that of stable home in secondary school.
1.4 Research Questions
The following research questions asked in order to guide the study: 1. What effect does broken home have on the academic performance of student? 2. What are the consequences of broken homes on the child and the society
1.5 Research Hypotheses
The following hypotheses will be tested: 1. There is no significance difference in academic performance between students from broken homes and students who are not from broken homes. 2. There is no significance difference in academic performance between male and female students who are from broken homes. 3. There is no significance difference in academic performance between different socio-economic background students who are from broken homes.
1.6 Significance of the Study
The research work looked into the ever increasing problem of broken home in our society. So what is the essence? It will also identify the effect on academic performance of student, therefore what will happen?
1.7 Scope of the Study
The scope of the study has been confined within the senior secondary schools in Lagos State Educational District IV. The study has also been designed to cover the various