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Observation of Effective Management
The Human Resource legal and regulatory environment is very vital in today's workforce. Managers in the labor market are required to carry out their objectives and maintain effectiveness while adhering to legislative compliance for employee protection. Consequences can be grave if managers do not know or understand the language of the various laws, as well as what's flexible when dealing with employees within the organization. In my observation of managers of a 150 employee skilled nursing facility, one the managers committed herself to safety and health. In my experience working in nursing homes, some managers with a background in body dynamics are often responsible for maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. So the ability to devise a cost effective safety program lays heavily on them. Given that the nursing home is a relatively high-risk environment providing HIV/AIDS care and services, the incorporation of written policies and procedures for all staff members, in-service, video demos, and interactive workshops, are key elements to decreasing the overhead cost. Many attend free training program under the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), where a series of training on the principles of ergonomics as a measure to increase safety and decrease injuries, is employed. The appropriate use of equipment and tools, as well as using good body dynamics for proper lifting among nurses, nurse's aides, and maintenance workers, are core to minimizing injuries and maintaining safety in the nursing home environment. In-services were conducted using language and vocabulary that all workers understand. This was made possible through strategic planning and follow through on the part of all managers involved. It was critical in helping the employees to apply the principles of ergonomics, as well as guided the evaluation process to manage the conditions at work, and eliminate or minimize occurrences of accidents: falls, back injuries, needle sticks, nerve injuries from repetitive actions etc. The employees also nominated a staff member from the nursing department to oversee continuity and improvements under the supervision of the manager. A lead maintenance staff person was elected to identified and aided with controlling hazards. These positions were closely monitored, and employees involved were given flexibility in their schedules, in keeping with the rules and needs of the nursing home. I was very impressed with the hard work and energy the staff has put into the safety committee, with the responsibility and autonomy they had. They were steadfast and successful in their commitment as evident during our annual nursing home state inspections. We have never received a citation in the health and safety department. The manager also ensured all employees that their health and safety were also her ultimate concern. She responded to all reports of unsafe and unhealthy conditions at work in a timely manner and provided appropriate feedback. This was a big change from the previous management. In the event that injuries occur, a thorough investigation was held to ascertain the cause. The employee safety committee also suggested that we go beyond the call of duty by addressing all hazards, as they discovered that not all hazards in the workplace are covered under the laws provided by OSHA. Employee health and safety surveys were also conducted monthly and in-services were held every other month. A short written test was administered at the end of the in-service. Results were reviewed and a plan was devised to meet with employees should they require more help understanding particular concepts.
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