Effective of Education Essay

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An education is the environment for me to learn, acquiring general knowledge, and also developing the power that this journal will impart upon readers about my opinion of what education really means to me. Education is something that will affect to my life. Education helps me to plan my life how it is going to be in the future. The first reason that could help me to decide to get a better job is to get educated. In addition, once I get a better job, I will get better money to settle my life, as well as other’s life. I have been witnessing one of my neighbor, his family is really poor so firstly I thought his family won’t be able to pay him to go to college, but he is a really smart guy can solve all the crazy math problems and other subjects. Then by the help of people around him, he was able to attend to a community college. He always does the best of him and never loses his faith to make his parents and people around him to be proud. He graduated with a highest GPA and a master degree of engineering. He has been the one who inspire me to do the best of me to make my parents and people around me to be proud and one day that I will be like him and be successful in life. As a result, that was one of the best experience I have ever seen. Education also is the environment to make friendship because I can’t be success without a friend. Friend is the way to make life be more meaningful, and friend also gives me ideas and be a motivation on the major that I am about to