Effects Of Mass Media

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Effects of Mass Media
Brittiany Taylor
HUM 186
September 22, 2014
Stephanie Morrow
Effects of Mass Media
Mass media has evolved significantly in the last century. With the continuous development of new technology comes the evolvement of communication. Over the last century media has evolved in both print and electronic media. As media outlets continue to expand so does the available access to the sources and the ability to confirm the accuracy of the sources. It also allows the capability to easily produce inaccurate information with the advancement of technology.
Print media includes newspaper and magazines. In the 20th century, many people received their news through the newspaper and magazine. Magazines and newspapers were the dominant resource of the media and is known for spreading news around the world. Electronic media consist of the radio, television, and the internet. The radio was developed to deliver the news about World War 1. It also played some music. Later the development of the television came. As mass media grew so did the evolvement of publications on the television. News about celebrities and music videos as well as the latest fashion statements and game shows became popular. The development of computers also had a large effect on mass media. With the computer came the invention of the internet, which is now widely used as a resource for news as well as entertainment purposes. The evolvement of mass media strongly affects the development of how far we have come.
Development Affect the American Culture
Each development in mass communication has affected the American culture in a positive way. With each development also opens the door for the next invention. The newspaper was invented and used to spread news across the world. The radio was used in World War I to spread news. Now the radio is a very common entertainment tool that we have in the cars, we sing along to, exercise to and get enjoyment from dancing to. Then came the television as a means to spread the news. It also brought along more means of entertainment. Fashion shows, celebrity news and game shows became popular with the invention of the TV. The American culture has been affected because the TV is as if it is a necessity in today’s world. Cartoons, soap operas, sports, talk shows, and reality TV are the entertainment of the world. After work, we come home and kick off our shoes, eat dinner in front of the TV and sit in front of it all evening until bedtime, and usually with a computer in our laps. With this comes the invention of the computer and later the internet. Social media has become a very popular means of communication of news and other information pertaining to the everyday lives of the common person. It is almost uncommon to go to a coffee shop and see someone without a tablet or smart phone surfing the internet or being on social media. We have become a society dependent upon readily access of the internet.
Media Convergence
Media convergence is the stage where older media is reconfigured into different forms of newer media