Effects of Technology Essay

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Surviving the Unknown I remembered getting my first cell phone like it was yesterday. It was the beginning of Fall in 2008, and basketball season has started. I convinced my parents with small lies like saying I needed a cell phone for emergencies, a ride home from practice, or a ride home from a cancelled practice, but honestly, I just wanted a phone to text, surf the web, and call my friends. Surprisingly, my plan worked, and I received my first cell phone. My cell phone has been my best friend since the first time I owned one. It was rare to find me and my cell phone without each other. I broke the no cell phone rule multiple of times because it’s a necessity to me. Throughout time, my cell phone upgraded to the newest device each year. It started off from being the broken-screen LG Shine, to the uncharged Samsung Eternity, to the muted Blackberry Bold, then to the cracked-screen iPhone 4, and ended with my present day, curved iPhone 5. Life with my cell phone gave me social satisfaction by browsing through the web and being able to communicate with my friends through texting and calling, but the days living without my cell phone was an emotional rollercoaster ride because I felt disconnected and neglected from the whole world. I was in an emotional struggle living without an operating cell phone. Each time I turned it off, I ended up turning it back on. I kept battling with myself, but after a while I gained the audacity to turn off the phone and lock it up in my mom’s closet. Hour after hour I was in despair. I felt like the world was ending, and that I disappeared off the face of the earth. I never knew how much I relied on my cell phone until it was gone. It was a challenge trying to keep my phone turned off and out of my sight. I was one of those people who lived on the internet that kept browsing through peoples’ pages and writing statuses for likes whether if they were relatable or personal. It was difficult trying to stay updated with my social life because without a cell phone, it limited my social interactions. Every time I heard a text tone go off, I jumped up to find out that it was only my sister’s phone receiving text messages. I was craving for the attention that I was used to getting, but it was difficult without a phone. It was hard to reassure myself that people were still thinking about me without any contact. The only entertainment I had was a T.V. with Netflix. On the bright side, I managed to finish seasons one and two of “Once Upon a Time”. Television was a good source of entertainment, but it couldn’t satisfy my social needs. During the time my cell phone was locked up, I realized how much clarity it brought to my life. I didn’t have to worry about texting, calling, or responding back to anyone. I felt as free as a summer night’s breeze being able to go wherever and whenever. I didn’t necessarily need a cell phone because the only person I communicate with is my boyfriend, and I saw him almost every day. Frequently, I went on walks outside, and each time, the cool Fall breeze lingered up my spine. I played with chalk outside on the cement because I was bored from doing completely nothing inside the house. Living without my cell phone allowed me to actually enjoy life for a little bit and made me experience events that were similar to my childhood. However, I felt like I was going crazy without my cell phone because I was used to being technologically advanced. It was a bittersweet feeling if having a cell phone or not having a cell phone was a good idea, but I believe I was happier living with my cell phone. The usage of my cell phone easily satisfied me because everything I needed was in the palm of my hand. Getting in contact with someone has never been this easy, especially when there’s multiple ways to communicate like texting, calling,