Effects Of Technology On Technology

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Technology has played an immense part from all modern day aspects on the bringing up of children and the society as we know it. All these changes can both be arguably a step forward or backwards depending on how one may perceive them and use them. Technology does make life easier from traffic lights to cell phones to airplanes and more and it does create wonderful marvels of communication and learning with family, friends, teachers, coworkers, employers, and loved ones but it must all be kept in check and used carefully, “Although the focus of instructional technology is on student learning, it is also important to plan for associated learning curves in becoming comfortable with using technology and understanding how to use it correctly” (Mitchell 45). On the other hand though technology can consume people and take over their lives where they become do dependent on it that they cannot function normally without it. Children are dependent on technology today everywhere they go, “Forget the generation gap. What vexes most parents today is trying to bridge the digital divide between them and their tech-savvy offspring” (Lord, Par. 2). Children are getting cell phones, tablets, and computers at an earlier and earlier age every year and this makes them less likely to go outside or read a book and exercise, not enjoying the Family is a complex yet wonderful entity of life that everyone should have but some unfortunately do not. Divorce, death, adoption, abandonment, and emancipation are all factors that can be brought into the problems of a family by parents and their children. Death will always occur but divorce and emancipation rates have seemingly gone up in the last decades, “In recent decades, marriage rates have fallen, divorce rates have risen, and the defining characteristics of marriage have changed”(Stevenson and Wolfers 3). Children all around are faced with the new challenges of being raised by family relatives such as their grandparents more so than their own biologic parents. Not having a strong relationship with their real parents can have an effect on the child and how they’re brought up. In generations past other family members taking care of the children wasn’t so common, children may become confused and not understand who and why they’re being taken care of