Eight Stages Of The Holocaust

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“Auschwitz was the largest and highly organized death camp in history. It was actually three camps: a concentration camp, a death camp, and a slave labor camp. It was 19 square miles, guarded by 6,000 men, and was located in the Polish town of Oswiecim. It was opened June 1940 and initially held 728 Polish prisoners. By 1945, more than 1.25 million people had been killed there and 100,000 worked as slave laborers.” First off, genocide is term used to describe horrendous events in history that most the time, the people who committed the massacres try to not use because of how gruesome this word is. During this time, the Jewish culture wasn’t appreciated for a long time and nobody really recognized it until one of the largest murders of a single race took place. Furthermore, there are eight stages that are commonly used to characterize such a massacre as a genocide. This Genocide, known as the Holocaust, is one of the …show more content…
“Jewish worship is centered in synagogues, which completely replaced the Second Temple after its destruction”. “The four main movements within Judaism are Orthodox, Conservative, Reform and Reconstructionist”. The Jewish religion doesn’t actually pay attention to the whole Bible, only what they call Torah. “They concentrate on Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.” These five are also known as Torah.
When Hitler was campaigning he knew that Germany needed someone to blame and he decided to accuse the Jewish race of their wrong doings. It is believed Hitler chose these because they weren’t a highly thought of race and the Jews were very easy to recognize. Most Jews were identified by their blond hair and blue eyes. Nazis had a scale to tell if you had the blue color eyes of a Jew. Germans would also go into schools to teach children how to identify a Jew. Another easy way for them to find Jews were the synagogues, the Jewish place of