Essay about Eisenhower: World War Ii and United States

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The Domino Theory, Dwight Eisenhower

During World War 2 Dwight D. Eisenhower was the commander of allied forces in Western Europe. He led the massive invasion of Nazi infested Europe that began on D-Day June 6th 1944. After the war Eisenhower was influenced by the Republican Party to run for president. When Eisenhower was asked to run for president he currently was command of the NATO forces in Europe. In 1953 Eisenhower won by a considerable amount of votes against his democratic opponent Adlai Stevenson, where he then would go on to serve two terms as president of the United States of America.
Eisenhower’s administration fought against communist sway by supplying less privileged countries by supplying military advisors and authorizing covert actions by the CIA. Even though America was already involved in Vietnam Eisenhower and expanded our involvement witch later led to the United States superseding in Iran, Guatemala, The Congo and Cuba. While serving his first term Eisenhower selected General James Doolittle to head of a secret study of the CIA’s capability to counter Russian activities. When the study was concluded the finding was that the Soviets were on a ruthless mission with the objective of world ascendancy. The Soviets were so eager for world dominance they would do whatever it takes to accomplish it even if that meant oppressing its own people. For the Americans to win they would have to adapt and acquire new tactics that would undermine, disrupt and Annihilate enemies giving the upper hand even more so than before.
The usage of the covert missions by the CIA has had a robust appeal on the government then and now. For example in today’s existence the CIA executes missions using stealth drones to scout as well as take out high value targets without any human risk at our expense. Covert engagements provide a chance to obtain foreign rule without risking war or the sanctity of the United States way of life. Even with the cost of covert missions being extremely high that’s a risk that I believe is worth taking. By executing the secret missions without the American people knowing it allows the government to deal with hitches without frightening the everyday average civilian.
When Eisenhower came into