Electoral College Be Abolished Dbq

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In the United States, there is a special process to elect a new president. The Electoral College is a working process in the United States to elect a president. In the process, voters in each state vote for the president. The presidential candidate with majority votes in that state wins all of that states Electoral votes, which is decided by the population of the states. There are 538 Electoral votes total. To win presidency, a president has to get at least 270 Electoral votes. This process is disliked by many people, who think it should be abolished. The Electoral College should not be abolished because, it is efficient way to vote that promotes federalist parties, prevents single issue ideologies and eccentric millionaires to win, and there is a way to resolve a tie. …show more content…
John Samples said that the Electoral College promises that the states are represented in presidential elections. This is important in the federalist system. (Doc. C) Mitch McConnell said that the Electoral College is not simple and easy, but it was not designed to be simple and easy. He also said that the Electoral College was designed to promote good government and has worked for two centuries.(Doc C) These expert say that why should the Electoral College be abolished if it works efficiently and promotes good legislation. Also, the Electoral college prevents rich and uneducated candidates to win elections. Arthur Schlesinger Jr. said that abolishing the Electoral College would fall apart the already weakening two party system. He also said that without it, it would be easier to let single issue ideologies and rich millionaires to join elections.( Doc E) Without the Electoral college, third parties would make it hard for major party candidates to win majority vote. This means that there would be no successful government without the Electoral