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Electronic Health Records 1

The Adoptions of Electronic Health Records
Nicole Moon
January 31, 2015
Monica Coley

Electronic Health Records 2

There are many influences that can lead an organization to adopt the electronic health records. With Electronic health records being so new and so much uncertainty behind it, there is a lot of hesitation to whether or not one would want to implement the system as a full time method of caring for patients. Yet, there are influences that would get a physician and its office to adopt the electronic health record system. One being, the opportunity to be able to share any and all information on a patient with other doctors and even insurance companies. With the all of a patients information stored in the computer from their address to any medical allergies that they may have, makes it easy to get that information from one office to another. This is not only easier on the physicians office, but on the patients as well. It is less time consuming, for a physician to print out information from a computer than it would be to have to find and pull a file, as well as make copies, and then have to fax or email the information over. I think that using the electronic health records as means to get information across to different networks and physicians is something that is going to work well with different applications in the electronic health records system. This is a much safer way to get the information out without have to compromise that it may be…