Essay on Emerging Technologies and Issues

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Technology Effects CMGT/557 Emerging Technologies and Issues October 10, 2011 Information System Abstract This document will present a technology that has changed the way society sees the movie and TV industry. This paper will present details of how this technology impacted its industry, how it is used, how people, and competitors reacted. Examples will be provided of similar scenarios and what new opportunities this technology has presented to its market, plus how the government and legislation reacted toward this new technology advancement. …show more content…
According to the writer explains how Netflix was founded, but they never mentioned anything about their company obtaining any legal or business issues with other organizations. Even thought nothing was mentioned about it, a company like Blockbuster Video recognized the pressure of the competition as well as when Red box was released. These two different technology ideas helped literally to destroy their biggest competitor because the consumers had a very positive reaction to their services because it was a new fresh option that provided commodity and savings. The two technologies selected for this paper had a very similar response toward the consumers, other organizations, and both are very unique technologies that impressed the consumers. Initially consumers were a little bit skeptical about ordering DVDs by mail because it was a new service never provided, but still within three years after the company was founded they had more than one million customers. On the other hand the case for Red box was a little bit different because consumers liked the idea, they were just not sure if it were real because the prices were very low, and no one had provided a similar service, either. The interesting part about these two technologies is that both were accepted by the consumers, and it also became a standard of how people see movies or