Empathy and Humanity: Leaving Home Essay

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Humanity & Empathy
17 September 2013
Leaving Home For a child their father is the most important person in his/her life. They are there for them at all times and will protect them at every way possible. But what if a child’s father is not at home? Who will be there for them? Who is the man in the house to protect himself and his family? Many children in the United States face the problem of their father leaving home to go into the military. All their friends and family sacrifice so much for their country for at any time, any instant that could be taken away from them. That a child does not have a father. Leaving home is a very emotional and difficult experience for both the father and his child. They both will keep thinking about this moment the entire time they are away from each other. There is one photo especially that illustrates the emotional distress and the empathy one has for the father and the child as they are both going through a never wanting to leave goodbye. The reason why I chose this particular photo was because you can really see the emotional pain in both the child and father. The reader really empathizes for the family just looking at the photo. As soon as one looks at the photo they cannot help to notice the child. You can just look at the child and feel the pain he is feeling right now because he has to leave his father. You look into the child’s eyes and you feel sorrow for him. He doesn’t want to leave his father; he doesn’t know how long he will see him again. The child looks like he is going to cry and the reader may feel