Employee Engagement Case Study

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Student Name: Luqman Zaheer

Student No: TP035979

Email Address: luqmanzaheer@gmail.com

Award Name: MBA

Intake Code: UCMF1408

Final Dissertation Topic:
The Relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility and Employee Work Engagement: Case Study of Malaysian Construction Industry.

Supervisor: Dr. Devinder Kaur

Table of Contents

1. Introduction: 3
2. Problem Statement: 4
3. Literature Review: 5
3.1 CSR and Its Dimensions: 5
3.2 Work Engagement and Its Dimensions: 6
3.3 CSR and Work Engagement: 6
3.4 CSR and Work Engagement in Malaysian Context: 7
4. Objectives and Limitations of the Study: 8
4.1 General Objective: 8
4.2 Specific Objectives: 8
4.3 Limitation of the Study: 9
5. Research
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