Employment and Job Fairs Essay

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What i´ve learned about the Job Fair by ......

I´ve learnd that a job fair is an event where a large number of recruiters and potential employers gather for the purpose of providing information about available positions and their companies in general. There is a wide range of job possibilities represented, from police, hawaiian bank up to scientific research. Job fairs can be a great opportunity to learn about a range of possible jobs, and to get a foot in the door. And from an employes point of view, a career fair is a chance to meet large numbers of potential applicants and quickly weed through them to find suitable candidates.
Each table is usually stocked with informational literature and posters, and staffers who are knowledgeable about the company. But as far as my experiences goes College job fairs are a lot different from professional career fairs. A lot of times they try to make it fun by handing out little gifts, having gimmicks etc.
Most of the time those job fairs are more oriented in learning about a job, rather than getting a job….. but anyway let´s go further
I believe that a career fair is a casual chance to get in first contact with potential employers and to learn more about them. By visiting a lot of job fairs in germany I´m able to say. While employers are happy to provide information, they are also judging applicants who approach them, and in a sense performing miniature job interviews. People who are confident, assertive, and impressive are