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Marissa Mayer, a young mother and a young women CEO of Yahoo!. To rescue her foundering company, she had made a decision to ban telecommuting and ordered all of the workers to go back to the office. Everyone has been surprised by her decision, and many other companies are considering her strategy. In this new era, technology has improved our life into more comfortable and convenient, so we should take advantage of it and use it to make our work easier. So companies shouldn’t eliminate telecommuting.

First of all, Telecommuting can save a lot of money for employees and companies. From employees’ point of view, they can save the transportation fees and save their time by not travelling to office and rush back to home. From companies’ point of view, they can save the cost of buying a big office building for huge amount of workers. According to the article in New York Times on February 26, 2013, at Aetna, 47 percent of workers telecommute, and the company has save $78 million in real estate costs. Companies can use the money that they have saved for investment or hire more workers.

Nevertheless, someone might think that telecommuting is not for everyone because telecommuters need to be familiar with technology. To solve this problem, company can provide a related course for employee, which will not cost a lot of money. Furthermore, telecommuting will provide job opportunity for handicapped who know well in technology. In another word, companies can expand the talent pool by telecommuting. By reducing the geographic boundaries, employers can employ anyone who is talented no matter where they are.

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