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Do we need end the Fed? -----review of the book “End the Fed” Textbooks always tell us that the central bank of a country has an extremely important position and role, especially in times of economic during evident fluctuations. When I browser the news about Chinese Economics, I find the People's Bank of China which is the central Bank in China is similar with the FED. They need to print the money so crazy for maintaining the speed of increasing the GDP. Quoting the news in the Internet, we know the M2 in China will increase 16% in the future. However, the government only pays the attention on the speed of increasing the GDP, missing the inflation. As we know the FED has the important function of maintaining the stable of American economics. Even so, most of the Media only use the good word to illusion the Fed. They little mentioned the negative side of the FED like Money Press. When you control the right of pressing the money, you are unable to reject to press more money. In this condition, the money is not the money. After the Financial Crisis which happened in 2008, the FED had pressed a lot of the dollar to maintain the improvement of Economics. During the period of the time which there are many banks or other financial institutions will be bankrupt. The Fed changes the role in this capital game from a judge to a player. As another economist Merlin Perry said, the Fed does the same things as the AIG or Lehman Brothers. The difference just is the lower leverage and higher the interest rate. Because Professor Merlin Perry thought when the Fed restarted the TALF to support the AAA level of new securities lending, and then start the mortgage-backed securities, and thus start to freeze on the stock market evidence. The FED transfer itself the role in the capital game. But when we overview the whole world, we will find the role of every central Bank had shift or transferring. All of Central Bank become to a last lender in the economics activities. For example, when the Bank of Bahrain had a terrible mistake of investing in Argentina, the Bank of England, the central Bank of England, lend a lot of money to Bank of Bahrain. Another example is the Fed lend to the Citi Bank and Bank of America after the Financial Crisis in 2008. Even though we find the People’s Bank of China never play the role of Lender. But in the China, they have another institution to lend and maintain the stable of Bank, which is called Central Huijin Investment Ltd. It will buy the bad debt and doubtful from the Bank like Bank of China, ICBC. To illustrate, when the Agriculture Bank of China prepares to list, the Central Huijin bought about 300 billion Yuan to reduce the bad debit and doubtful in Agriculture Bank of China. But as an institution to control the stable of economics, if they buy the bad debt or doubtful, where is the money from? The most of Central Bank will have a solution of pressing more money. Then the inflation is appearing. And then in some years, due to the inflation, the economic will stick to mud because the central Bank can’t keep the balance between in inflation and development. So the Ron Paul thinks the Fed is why we have the Financial Crisis. So the author Ron Paul claims that, we need to end the Fed. Because it will bring many problems like bring Wars, change the sense of value for the American Culture. This book End the Fed explains harmful consequences of our monetary policy and fractional reserve banking. In this system, money comes into existence only through debt and is then used to create more debt. There is an over reliance on debt and too much debt can be harmful to most citizens. Why does the Fed resist telling us where the money went that it disbursed in the early stage of the global financial crisis - when a little liquidity allowed beneficiaries to buy any assets at fire-sale prices? The Fed makes funds available for government spending far in excess of what could sustainably