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Sasha Amaro

Number # 4

Prof: Gail August

Title: Endangered Language

Date: march. 31 2015

Part #1 Introduction

Children influence is so deep that when they shift also their families’ .for this reason many native languages eventually are going to disappear.it been predicted that about 5,000 languages will die out by 2050. Kids are good learning languages and, also eager to communicate with the majority language. Many reason come in play when the shift accrue such as discrimination, boarding school, laws, exclusively educated in the majority language, etc. . For this reason they will prefer to use that languages with peers. Once they go out to the real world they have more opportunities in the professional field using the majority language.

Part # 2 Endangered Languages
Olelo hawai better knows as The Hawaiian language, is a Polynesian language that takes its name from Hawaii. Hawaii is the United States number 50 state. Its the largest island in the tropical north pacific archipelago. The Polynesian brought the language to the island between II and IV century. For many years it was only speaks by the local Hawaiians and only them. That changes after the European explores visit. With them they brought their majority languages. Impacting the Hawaiian languages.

Do to diseases introduced by immigrants the Hawaiian had a sharp decline in their population. For various reason , including territorial , legislation establishing English as the official language in schools, the number of native speakers of Hawaiian gradually decreased during the period from 1930s to the 1950s. Hawaiian was essentially displaced by English on six of seven inhabited island.

Hawaiians had no written language prior to western contact. Except for petroglyph symbols. The modern hawaiin alphabet ka pīʻāpā HawaiʻI, is based on the Latin scrip. the language it only has 13 letters, 5 vowels and 8 consonant.

The Hawaiians are fighting to re-introduce the languages to new generation. They had build school all over the territory of Hawaii. The most biggest and organize school is locate in Niihau. Niihau has been privately owned for over 100 years.…