Ender Wiggin Quotes

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Ender wiggin is a young ,smart, intelligent person.He is also the main character in the the novel Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card.Ender is also a third in his family, his older brother Peter hates him and his older sister Valentine is the most nicest person Ender has met (pg.5,10). In the beginning Ender had a monitor in the back of his head. This monitor helps examin Ender through what he does sees through his eyes and what he listen through his ears. (pg.1) Ender had his monitor longer then peter and so peter got jealous and started to hate him. And started to affect in Ender's behavior.
Ender is definitely a round character , later in the book Ender starts to change his behavior. Ender defends himself when he someone bullies him and won't leave him alone. All Ender wants is people to leave him alone and he will leave him alone. The first time Ender defended himself was when he first got his monitor taken off. The Stilson kid was bullying him and wouldn't leave him alone so Ender