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Ender’s game is a very inspiration story about you can do anything you want, if you have the guts. A young boy would was raise up with his older siblings as being a outcast, showed them all. How others opinion around him couldn't sway him away from doing what he felt right. In some ways he even surprised him self in more ways than just one. Becoming a great leader and person at the would do whatever it takes to become recognized, even on accident sometimes. Ender Wiggin goes to a school for young geniuses called Battle School, it is mainly military oriented. There a man who helped run the Battle School named, Colonel Graff, saw potential in the young Ender, and attempted to separate him from the others. Battle School is where Ender met all of his friends, experience all of his training, and achieve some surprising feats. Even with some launchies not liking or agreeing with the other launches, friendships were still made. Ender’s potential seems somewhat more of a leader by nature, and slowly his peers are slowly seeing it. Being the first launch to get promoted to the Salamander’s Army from the rest of the launches, was a blessing and a curse for Ender. Getting shown that no one in the Army wanted him there, he had to befriend the only girl in the Army, Petra, with her, he began training on his own to hone his skills. He began to teach his launch friend what he learn from his backyard training, most didn't agree with training at that level they were at. That was just one of the reasons he was traded to the Rat Army, he slowly realized this was the better Army for him to blossom, especially with a platoon leader like Dink. Even with all of the soldiers hating him for teaching the launches what he had learn, he still stuck by their side at all cost. Because of all of the attention to Ender and his friends, he had to face the consequences, while they were training, they got into a altercation with soldiers, in which he injured four of the boys. It is then made very clear that the teachers at the school is leaving Ender to fend for himself, but unknowingly to Ender it makes him more durable and strong. A quote from the book saying “ Thats the problem with winning right from the start, Ender thought. You lose.” (page 184). From those enemies he made by being a leader, he made more friends and closer bonds with the friends he had before, and it was cause of the enemies. Being away from Ender for such long time, his siblings Valentine and Peter, they feel as if they wanted to have some sort of impact in the world, especially a positive one. While all of this is happening, Ender has been promoted to the platoon leader in Phoenix Army under the command of Petra at just the age of nine.Everyone sees what he now has to offer and they accept it with open arms, especially his training sessions, he was stuck in the mind game for a time, a game he was once expert at. It all change once he got a letter from his sister Valentine, convince to send it to Ender by Colonel Graff, which put his mind game playing back to what it once was. Remembering his life before Battle School was the best help for Ender, being constantly stress, his love for his sister put everything back into place. Once again Ender has been recognized for such hard work from him, and is the commander of the Dragon Army and is given soldiers, mostly launches. Knowing that Ender was given a Army to lead on his own, all of his battles were nearly impossible to win, but with Ender’s guidance they won every single one of there battles. Each of the platoons of the Army acted as if they were their own team, doing something totally different from what