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Ender’s Game by: Orson Scott Card
Summary by: LCpl Perez, David A.

Ender’s Game is about the journey that falls upon a young boy named Ender Wiggin. In a world where population is managed, Ender is the very uncommon third child following his older brother Peter and older sister Valentine. Ender and his siblings all had the opportunity to potentially join an international military force in an attempt to save the world from being destroyed by the bugger race. Peter was not selected due to his ruthlessness and lack of compassion, where as Valentine did not qualify for being too compassionate. Ender’s life was permitted in an attempt to find a balance between his older siblings. With Ender showing much compassion with only a glimpse of the will power it takes to battle his opponents, Colonel Graff hand selected Ender to train to become the leader that will save the earth from its destruction. Ender’s training begins in space at battle school where he along with his platoon of launchies will learn to be commanders. Ender shows much promise as a launchie due to his ability to easily maneuver in zero gravity and learn maneuvers quickly. Ender is singled out because of his talent and to make his situation worse, Ender is promoted to his first army. He was the youngest launchie to ever be promoted in battle school and his newest commander, Bonzo Madrid, would not let him forget his difference. As Ender befriends Petra of the Salamander Army, he quickly learns from her and progresses in his training. Bonzo’s hatred for Ender leads to Bonzo’s decision in trading Ender to another army. Ender decides to use his free time to train in the battle room with his previous launchie friends. He takes all that he learns in the battle rooms and applies it during his training with the launchies. His actions are being monitored by Colonel Graff as well as his colleagues. Once Ender becomes a platoon leader under Petra’s command he earns a little more credit for his capabilities. Colonel Graff then appoints Ender the commander of the long suspended Dragon Army. Ender is given the most awkward group of soldiers who he leads to become the under dogs of battle school. Being thrown more battles than ever recorded at the school, Ender shows his abilities to lead and comes out undefeated. Back at home, Enders older siblings are on a mission of their own. Peter has persuaded Valentine to join him in his plan to take over the world through politics. Despite her Valentine’s fear of her older brother, she agrees to create and online alias that speaks to and motivates her followers in siding with her on all of her political views. Peter has done the same under his own alias. In the meantime Valentine still misses her younger brother and is contacted by Colonel Graff who needs her to write a letter to her depressed and unmotivated younger brother. She refuses to help the man who took her brother away and Colonel Graff is forced to compile a letter based on Valentine’s intercepted letters that never made it to Ender. As Valentine and Peter’s plan evolves, it is apparent that they will succeed in Peter’s ultimate goal. After Ender proves his worth, and takes a little vacation on earth, he is transferred from Battle School to Command School. In Command School Ender meets Mazer Rackham who is the hero of the second bugger attack and is now Ender’s personal…