Energy Insecurity Essay

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‘Energy insecurity is the result of political shenanigans, not the limitations of the resources themselves’ to what extent do you agree with this statement? Use examples to justify your answer. [10]

Energy security means access to reliable and affordable sources of energy. Areas of countries which have surplus energy (such as Russia) are said to be energy secure, whereas those with an energy deficit (such as the USA) suffer energy insecurity. There are a vast amount of reasons for global energy uncertainty including growing populations, discoveries of new technology, natural disasters, uncertain estimates of reserves and political instabilities.

An article published April 2014 spoke about how ‘energy becomes a political football’. The Ukraine crisis has focused attention on energy security, with many European leaders saying that the continent must cut its dependence on Russian oil and gas. More and more countries are starting to make movements into becoming less dependent on other countries for their energy supplies. However, it’s a political issue that is causing this global worry about energy security more than anything else. But these ‘political shenanigans’ have prompted more attention onto America, asking if the US could save Europe’s energy insecurities. This suggests that the problem is not in fact the lack of recourses themselves but instead letting these ‘political shenanigans’ fuel these energy insecurities.

However, despite political ‘shenanigan’ causing energy insecurities, the IEA is set up with plans to respond to major disruptions in the supply of oil. Lots of countries heavily reply on oil from just one region which was causing problems with spiralling prices and supply insecurities. The IEA was established in November 1974, countries are all committed to taking joint measure in the event of oil supply emergencies in order