Energy: Light and Energy Essay

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Energy works all in different ways, whether when you wake up with full boost of energy to go for a run or just turning on a light bulb. There are plenty of other things we need energy but most wasn’t able without someone designing it or creating it. Which is why we have energy workers, these people day by day find source full ways to supply us with energy. They every year come up with ways to help save energy but still be the same amount you did the year before. Life wouldn’t be the same without energy; half of what we use for our daily basis is used with energy! We would be living in pretty dark world without energy, now that’s scary! We wouldn’t be able to communicate with your friends through facebook or by texting or calling; many of us would be very depressed. We would not advance in many of things over years we have advanced in.
To add on, all day every day we use some sort of energy based instrument. Teen and kids use their cellular device by texting all the time, needing that cellular device charged all the time we use the charger putting it into a plug using the energy to charge it up. Everyone uses the computer for the daily task or even for personal reasons. We watch television during dinner and that uses a lot of energy and especially we use our lamps, we need to see through the night when it’s so dark out and making it impossible to see in our house at night. At schools we use the projector using a light bulb also using a remote to change slides, now that’s a lot of energy right there. Even at hospitals while during surgery many of the tools are based on electric power, if the power went out the person getting the operation done would be totally screwed.
Aside from what we get out of it, we must talk about who creates it! We have many workers working long hourly days on giving us the energy we need. There are different jobs out there giving us