Energy Resources Essay

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There are many ways for us, as humans, to capture and use the energy around us. There are many energy resources that are used in the United States today, and even in Rhode Island. There are wind turbines; solar panels, biomass, geothermal, and even water can be used to retain energy.
Wind turbines are placed in areas where they are most conveniently used. Around Rhode Island, there are places such as Warwick, Providence, and Narragansett that have wind turbines placed in the area to help conserve energy. The wind powers the turbine to spin; capturing kinetic energy and storing it, and it is used throughout the state and country (Marshak). Some smaller wind turbines have been known to be used on top of houses and such. Unfortunately, these huge wings can get caught in a bird’s pathway while it’s flying, and potentially kill them. Another way to conserve energy is through solar panels. These can be conveniently placed on top of houses, and they are also on poles on medians in the middle of highways. Solar panels are the most abundant energy resource on the earth (Pierce). Fortunately, the price for solar panels continues to fall. Biomass is biological material from recently living (or living) animals or plants. Algae are mostly used for biomass use, converting sunlight into energy (Pierce). Biomass can be thought of as humans burning wood to make a fire! Geothermal resources are energy that’s taken from the Earth itself, and stored. The storage unit is located underground where the heat is taking place, and store to help heat someone’s house in the winter. It’s not meant for being the only heat source for your home in the winter, but it certainly helps (Marshak). Lastly on the list is water. There are several ways to use water to our advantage to create energy. For instance, there are buoys available that bob up and down with the waves, capturing and transferring that energy to hear (Marshak). Another strategy with water is to create dams. By letting the water gathers at this dam, scientists have opened the door to the dam and let the water rush out. Through this door, they gather the amount of energy that is collected when the water is rushing out from the door in the wall (Marshak). Though this may take time, these small…