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Alyssa Pizzella Pizzella 1 Professor Johansson
English 110
That Hot Summer Day
I would have never thought that what seemed like an ordinary day could change how I look at life, and motivate me to work hard for what I wanted to achieve in the medical field in my future. That Hot Sumer Day impacted my life and will always have meaning. The day had started off like any other sunny morning, just an ordinary blistering hot summer day. I had to wake up early, which was not an ideal way to spend my vacation, but making money was important to me. On my way to my neighbor’s house, I prepared myself for another dreary day. As I pulled open the door, three lively, rambunctious children bombarded me, another wakeup call to my half asleep self.
“Alyssa you’re here!!!” Matthew, Emily, and Michael screamed
I had been babysitting the twins since they were five months old. Michael their older brother by two years, he always got into trouble. Matthew and Emily were fraternal twins, and had just turned five years old. Matthew was tugging at my leg, begging to go outside; he has always been my favorite because even though he is deemed different by other children her= never lets that stop him, and I have often given in to him too easily.
While taking my hand into his own, Matthew quietly asked. “Alyssa, can we please go out side today?”

Pizzella 2
Looking down at his innocent face, I quickly smiled and responded. “Yes we can only before lunch time though then we are going to be inside.”
Taking care of an autistic child has its tough times, but Matthew and I had an understanding. His older brother Michael gave me more problems at times.
“ Don't forget, I left the EpiPen on the kitchen counter along with the children’s other medication. Matthew is behaving himself so far today so I don’t think you should have a problem with him. Please feed the kids around 12 pm. With a nap around three and I will see everybody by 5:30 pm, Love you guys!” Their mother said and rushed out the door, she reminded me about Matthews EpiPen. Although I am trained in first aid and the use of an EpiPen like most babysitters these days, I never imagined I would ever have to really use one.
The sun gleamed through my sunglasses as the wind whispered past my ear while the children were out to play. The sun pierced through my clothes making me impatiently yearn for the fresh cool air right behind the big red door. I wasn’t the biggest fan of this scorching summer.
I was ready to call the children in for the day. As I scrolled through my phone, consumed by the technology that is so indispensable to my generation, my attention was quickly drawn to Matthew who was on the ground gasping for air, I knew the worst had happened.
My train of thought was broken by a thud that hit the ground; near me lay a boy with eyes full of fear. My heart dropped into my stomach and fear oscillated through my bones like shock waves in an earthquake. “MATTHEW!, I’ll be right there bud I’m getting you medication!” I screamed. Pizzella 3
The next thing I knew, I was sprinting across the yard shoved the big red door wide open. Inside the kitchen, I snatched the EpiPen in my hand, holding it so tightly that my fingernails dug into my palm leaving imprints. My head was swarming with thoughts of the worst. I thrust the needle into his upper thigh and released the medicine that was going to save his delicate life. Who would ever think that an insect the size of a fingernail could take a life in an instant? His eyes were searching for mine, and I saw witnessed in his eyes the terror that had seized him. He cried for his mother.
“Hun don’t worry everything is going to be okay mommy is on her way with people that are going to help you feel better.” Trying to comfort Matthew as best as I possibly could. I tried desperately to console him, but he wailed uncontrollably. “Emily, Michael call your mother right now tell them Matthew has been stung and