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English 115/76

"Wal-Mart is all about the money" "At Wal-Mart we have a 10 foot attitude." I will too if I steal my employees money. At the Wal-Mart stores they do not only have always low prices, they also have always low wages for their employees. They have a very well structured program to control and train their employees to make them believe that Wal-Mart is a great place to work. I t is crucial that the very first day that you start working at Wal-Mart they play they training-brainwashing videos. Some of these videos consist of telling you that you made a good choice and that you can make a difference by working at Wal-Mart. The most important institution in American society are school, work and family. Interestingly, Wal-Mart focuses on these fundamental institutions to brainwash their employees by using very philosophical phases. "You do not need to have a career to work at Wal-Mart, at Wal-Mart you can start your own career." This is one of the famous phases they use to brainwash people. They make their employees believe that the work they perform at Wal-Mart is enough to call it a career. They imply that you do not need to go to school to get a career; here at Wal-Mart we make you feel that you have a career. Like in most career you have to work hard to get through and eventually obtain a degree. At Wal-Mart you work very hard and never get through or earn any kind of degree or a better wages. It is true that you do not need a career to work at Wal-Mart because if you had one you would not be seeking for a job at Wal-Mart. It is not true that you can start your own career at Wal-Mart because if you want to have a real career, for that you will go to school. "You do not need anyone to speak for yourself, at Wal-Mart you can speak for yourself." This phase refers to a video on Unions. In this video we learn of how expensive and unnecessary it is to waste your money on having someone to represent you. It explains that if employees would have a Union if will make it unpleasant and difficult to work together. It also explains that the employee would not be able to communicate directly with their supervisors. Wal-Mart wants to make your job easy and pleasant for you, so, that is why they have an "open door" a free way of communication. The Union Organization will guarantee workers better wages and knows what are the workers' rights. It is as if we had a lawyer to represent us in legal matter. Wal-Mart does not want people to be represented by the Union because that means that they will have to pay more money for their employees and would be able to brainwash their employees. "At Wal-Mart we are a family, and like a family, we care." Wal-Mart wants their employees to feel that they have a family working environment to make them happily do everything they want .