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Assignment 1.2
Summary and Personal Response – Final
Deon Blackeney
Professor Campbell
English 115
November 25, 2012

The following is a summary of the essay “Farm Girl” by Jessica Hemauer. Her most important point was that the way she was brought up defines how she operates as an adult. She had to do chores before and after school. The fact that she did not fit in at school troubled Jessica. Even when involved at school, she felt different from her peers. In the end however, she benefited because she was more independent and far more mature than any of her peers. Every morning she woke up at 5:00 in the morning to do chores before school. Washing their faces, brushing their teeth, and walking to the farm for their chores every morning was normal routine. Rain, sleet, or snow blizzard, they still did their chores every morning. Finally, they reach the barn and immediately begin to help the father. Being responsible for the calves opens her eyes realizing this is the beginning of a lifetime of responsibilities.
At school she feels left out because she is not able to participate in any activities before or after school. After making a deal with her parents she was able to play basketball but she still had to do her before school chores and after school chores. The farm was growing but her father told her and her siblings they had sacrificed enough of their time and he released them of their duties. Jessica was then able to become more involved with all sorts of school functions. Even though she was more social with her peers she still feels like an outsider. One night