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English 1302 Final Essay The semester has definitely been an interesting one and I must say that English 1302 made a big contribution to that. The purpose of this course was to enhance writing, editing, and research skills but in this class much more was gained. There were many different methods used to make sure the class understood completely what was expected throughout the course. I would have to say yes, English 1302 has improved my skills needed to write effectively. The first thing you think of when writing a paper is to take a pen and paper and jot down your own personal thoughts on the subject at hand. Not realizing that there has to be a structure put in place by defining what type of paper is being written, the point that is being addressed, and the audience the paper may be targeted towards. Without acknowledging those things we are just going off a whim with no leading direction. The lack of research will cause an idea to become ineffective because the reader will not have any proof or fact that what is being written hold any truths. It would appear as mere opinions. Not to say we can’t be personal in some subject matter but we must also remember to stay biased in most. Editing in the class was really a big lesson learned because in most classes you’re just used to the teacher going over assignments and making corrections in the infamous red pen. Though editing in this particular class took a different turn because we as the students got edit each