English 2 Honors Free Write- Narrative Essay

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Getting to Sabrina's house the day before the flight and my body feels so tense... Im too excited to even breathe. My dream was coming true, going to New York with my best friend. Just to breathe the New York air, I am still not able to believe it. I loved being in Central Park, in middle of Times Square, even shopping in Times Square and being near the Statue of Liberty. First time eating at vintage diners. To have an oppertunity like that, I couldn't miss it. I defenitly had the feeling of disbelif.
Waking up at 4:30 am, before the sunrise, I wake up extatic and nervous. Getting ready in the morning was such a hassle because I just wanted to be there already. On the way to the airport, my legs started to twitch and shake rapidly. I couldn't stop speaking and saying how excited I was, I felt like I was speaking a mile a minute. Sabrina and her little brother, Alex, kept calling my annoying but I did not mind because my excitiment was too high. When the car pulled in to the terminal I grabbed my bags and raced to the check-in. I wanted to get all of the processes that we had to go through.
Getting on the airplane, I couldn't help myself, I teared up thinking that I was on my way to New York. When I got to my seat, 4F, there was a elderly lady with her grandson. He was such a cute baby boy. I ended up talking to her throughout the whole flight. I got to know where she lived, what she was doing in Florida, to even knowing what city she grew up in. We were landing, and getting off the plane was so hard because I felt like I was leaving someone I got so close with.
I landed at the LaGuardia airport, I was so excited to go out and explore New York. I was with my best friend and her family, so it was fortuitious that they wanted the same thing as me. We got out of the airport at 11am so we had the whole day to go explore. The first place we passes by was China Town. It was so cool because I legitimitly felt like I was in China. We got hungry so we were finding a place to eat, we eventually found a restaraunt that served the most amazing spanish food. I have never tasted something so good. The rice was perfectly seasoned, the chicken was juicy and the beans were marvilious. Inside there was Spanish music, I ended up dancing in front of people and making a fool out of myself.
We ended up going by New York city and some towns in New Jersey. The hours went by and we went to the hotel we would stay at while we are there. At 8 pm, we had to go a rehersal dinner. Sabrina's older brother was getting married. Since we were the youngest ones there, we felt a little out of place but they eventually brought us in and made us feel comfortable.
We got back to the hotel and Sabrina's parents were waiting for us. The minute we got back, they told us to get ready to go out. When we asked where we were going they said "Time Square. I jumped up so high off the bed that I almost hit my head on the ceiling. I was stoked to go. When I got there, I could't get it through my head. I was looking around like I was dreaming. It seemed like a drem. It was everything I saw in movies. I was walking and as soon as I saw Forever 21, I screamed. I ran to the front of the door and said "I have to go in there." I freaked out. As I walked in, In front of me was an escolator going down. I looked down it felt never ending. I went down one level, then another, then another and then another! I could go shopping for days.
Getting out of the store, eveyone was tired to we all decided to go get the car. After getting the car, we drove around the city and saw a few visuals that I have never seen. The monuments that I have only seen in pictures and movies, the tall tall buildings that I wish I could go in. When getting back to the hotel we were so tired so everyone ended up falling asleep.
The next morning came and we went out to a diner to eat breakfest. May I tell you that, that the food was mouth-watering. It was so amazing. Every food item was perfectly made