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Sustainability Creative text:

I see green
No, I’m being a silly bean
I hear a sizzle
Nah, I must have drank a drizzle
I smell chemicals
Um, I must need a medical?
I feel sticky
What, but really?
I taste rot
No, that can be not
What’s happening?
Should I give a yelp?
But the worlds blackening
Oh my, the earth needs help

Learning journal:
The environment is very important to us, but we harm it by ruining the earth to get out natural resources, this is called our human footprint. This affects us dramatically because by harming the earth we are also harming the atmosphere by using those natural resources to create polluting things which affect the air breathe. We usually use natural resources like coal in factories which put out harmful gases like carbon dioxide which ruins the air breathe. So our human footprint is the sole reason the earth is being destroyed. Another key feature of our human footprint is consumption of the natural resources, like the way we use cocoa of chocolate, can lead to having no more of the natural resources, meaning we would not have any more chocolate, which means the coco is very limited which can also be defined as finite. Finding these natural resources leads to the degradation of the earth, this means we are damaging the earth by the minute by digging into the ground or taking plants from the soil and especially by cutting down trees. The only way to sustain our environment without