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Phong Tran
Brent Warner
ESL 201
February 16, 2015
Writing Assignment 1
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Writing In English Writing is one of the subjects that every student who attends college has to take throughout the college’s life. Not all student like writing, they always ask how is writing going to help you in college and future? And the answer will be depended how they see it. Different people have different way to communicate, whether it is through song, poems, or talking; they all involves some sort of writing. It is universal, almost. To me, writing is important because it helps me to figure my personality out, let people understand me easier, and helps me survive with college’s courses. When I was a kid, I kept a journal. A lot of kids can sustain a journal for couple weeks and slowly disappear it. I did loyal with my journey and I kept it for 5 years. One of the best things when I wrote in my journey is I didn’t care about the grammar much. I just wrote whatever I think, its helps me relax whenever I stressed out at something. Writing is one the best ways to help you understand your own personality, either you are an impatient person or not because every word has different meaning and way to use, so the way we use it when we write will help us know about our personality. Next, writing could be one way to let people understand you. At some point in life, we can’t even talk about what we like in purpose because when we talk in public we don’t have time to prepare about the subject that we about to talk but in writing. When we write, we actually have time to think, and question ourselves about the subject we want to explore. Even when we get in to a situation that we can’t talk to other person face to face we can also use writing to explain what we think and solve the problem. Last, Writing in