English: Concealed Carry in the United States and Concealed Weapons Essay

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Concealed weapons has its pros and cons. I completely agree with having a concealed weapon in certain situations. But many people in this world have certain disabilities, which cause them to do foolish things with concealed weapons. I admit though, that weapons can be used for protection. Based on the rights of protection most citizens believe that it is ok carry conceal weapons in any environment. All the allegations about crimes and weapons, are crazy in most people opinion. Certain people believe that they should be aloud to carry their concealed weapon if they have a permit for their weapon, because they feel safe with their personal firearm. Which might be true, cause the real issue is not about the concealed weapons, the major problem is that these weapons are not the ones committing the crimes. It is certain people who pull the trigger for the wrong reasons who are causing the problems, because a firearm can not go off by its self, it’s the man/woman behind the gun. So you can’t blame weapons by itself for all these crimes nor can you punish and disable everybody from carrying their “protection”. Although most people think that having a concealed weapon is helpful, it also has its cons. They are easy to come by, so that mean anybody can get one. People who have disabilities or criminals that don’t have permits for these weapons tend to do crazy things. Which leads to violence or even worst; death. That’s why the biggest topic in today’s