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Topic: The topic I will use is that I will narrate a scene where Macbeth and Lady Macbeth prepare for Banquo's funeral. I selected this because I feel that the interaction would be good for building Macbeth's character. His paranoia and hallucinations would be a good discussion between them and would expose his weakness.
Generating Ideas: Macbeth and Lady Macbeth can discuss his hallucination and prepare for the upcoming funeral. Who? List and describe the characters involved in the narrative you are creating.
Character Name: Macbeth How would you describe this character?
Physical Appearance Muscular, the body of a soldier. Handsome. People in power during this time period had to be good looking.

Nervous about the funeral, afraid he will see another hallucination. He had Banquo killed and is filled with regret.

Very paranoid and skittish, alert to all things in the surroundings.
Paranoia makes Macbeth begins to go crazy. Character Name: Lady Macbeth How would you describe this character?
Physical Appearance Beautiful woman who does not care for her appearance. She dislikes being viewed as only a beautiful woman.

Nervous about the funeral but reluctant to let it affect her and Macbeth.
She is determined to have Macbeth hold the throne.

Determined and stubborn. Tries to make Macbeth feels comfortable with the funeral and to make sure he does not have a breakdown.
She wants Macbeth to hold the throne and will do anything to assist him in taking it.

What? Conflict
Conflict Experienced
How do they respond? Macbeth Lady Macbeth

Argument over what the hallucinations mean and how they want to react to them.
Come to an agreement in order to keep their relationship strong and intact.
Write some words or phrases that will help you describe the setting of your story. Where do the events take place? What does it look like there? What does it feel like there?
Secretive, dark, gloomy, spooky. Random sounds in the background. Dimly lit room.

Plan the course of events in your narrative.
Exposition- Introduction introducing the characters as they enter the room. Give descriptions of appearance and attitude.
Rising Action- Discussion of the hallucination that Macbeth had at the banquet. Exemplify Macbeth’s weaknesses; develop Lady Macbeth as the strong character.
Climax- They discuss the funeral and what to do if there is another hallucination. The plan of taking the throne is brought up, giving way to Lady Macbeth to be assertive.
Falling Action- Discuss possible flaws in their plan for the funeral, talk about further actions to take when securing the throne.
Resolution- Macbeth becomes confident in his ability to overcome the next challenge and they solidify their plan.


Think of the overall effect you would like your narrative to have on the reader. How will you create that effect? Brainstorm ways to establish voice.
Decide a point of view that will either strengthen the characters or make them seem weaker. Find a tone that fits the situation and surroundings. Tone—What is the attitude of your story?
Pace—How fast is your