Politely Refuse To Do It?

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Test November 2012 ­­ English B2 A. Provide the correct word for each definition ­­­­ 1 point for each answer 1. A sudden, usually temporary malfunction or irregularity of equipment, or, an unexpected setback in a plan: __________ 2. An act of removing or putting an end to disorder, immorality, or crime: _____________
3. A vigorous or determined attempt : __________________
4. An ostentatious or noisy display: __________________
5. The practice of officially examining books, movies, etc., and suppressing unacceptable parts :____________________
6. Behave in accordance with (a general principle, natural law, etc.), submit to the authority of : _______________
7. Politely refuse to do something : _____________
8. To move out or away, ; extract: ____________________
9. Having or displaying an intense or ferocious aggressiveness :______________
10.Belonging to one's own particular locality or country :__________________
obey cleanup effort fanfare censorship glitch decline pull out fierce homegrown boost

B. ­­­­ 2 points for each sentence. Finish these sentences anyway you like: Mountain View Calif. company Google cited ______________________________________. I think censorship ___________________ Without doing publicity companies __________________________ Low quality advertisements are not _________________________________ Google has not done well in China because _________________________

C. ­­­­­­­­ 1 point for each answer
Use a Phrasal verb to fill the gap. Use the correct form of the verb: Obama said that the US army will _____________ of Afghanistan next year. _____________ a new company is difficult There was a huge____________ for the Diada demonstration. Corruption in Spain needs to be _____________. The class went really fast and it was really difficult to __________ everything the teacher said. The meeting had to be _____________ because of the strike. At the end of the class we have to _______________ the assignment. Without my glasses on I can’t ___________________ the whiteboard.

I was sick for 2 weeks. I couldn’t ________________ that nasty cold. My ex called and begged me to _________________ to her. I realized I was really in love with my ex so I decided to _______________ to her. I suggested that he _______ her _______ and apologize. He was fired from his job.He couldn’t ________________ it and committed suicide. With all the noise in class I can’t ________________ what the teacher is saying. In the end Spain will have to ____________ of the Euro. It won’t be able to end the crisis otherwise. ANSWERS go back come back get rid of make out hand in fill out call off take down back up pull out start up jump up turn out clean up go out get over call up keep up with

Present Perfect, Present Perfect Continuous AND Past Simple ­­­­­1 point for each correct answer Which statements are correct?: I’ve been here for 10 minutes
I got here 10 minutes ago
I was here 10 minutes ago
I’ve been waiting for 10 minutes
I’m still here?!
I was here since ten minutes ago
I was here since ten minutes
I am here since ten minutes
Since ten minutes ago I am here
I was here on time. It’s been 10 minutes.
I’ve been here since 2.45pm.
I was here on time.
I’ve been waiting since 2.45pm
I’ve been waiting for 10 minutes.

WHAT would be the PROPER QUESTION to ask FOR EACH sentence listed below? ­­­­­ 2 points each answer

It’s taken me a month to finish that book. I’ve been teaching at EAE for 3 years. I’ve drunk 3 coffees this morning. I’ve been going regularly to yoga class for 6 months.

I was in Paris last summer. I’ve worked at CAP for 8 years. At the market / Mercadona. I’m going on holidays for 3 weeks.