English: Marriage and Football Essay

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Jonathan Iniguez
English 101
Role interests pay in relationships
In her essay “How I learned to love football”, Felisa Rogers, a former teacher, talks about how football has impacted her life. Felisa was raised in a house that did not watch sports. She grew up in a small town in Oregon and in her sophomore year moved to a larger town and attended South Eugene High School. She went on to date an Atlanta Falcons fan and that was when she realized that most Americans enjoy watching sports. “Watching sports, particularly football, is a good excuse to sit around with friends, drinking beer and eating nachos.”(531;ch17) She then married Rich, a Packers fan, who spends most of his time thinking about football. They have many marital issues during this time is when Felisa leaned to lave football. She began to accept the sport not because she enjoyed it but because her husband enjoyed it. With Felisa understanding the game it gave her and her husband a common interest and brought their marriage closer during hard times. Although the author and her husband found football as a common interest sports does not necessarily have to be the only topic. When you are in a relationship having things in common is very important whether it is a sport like in the author’s case or any other common hobby.
Felisa first dates a man named Josh. This is when she realizes how much other people in America enjoy football. Sports bring people together. “Football fandom is a source of comfort, common ground where one can meet with friends and rivals alike.”(533;ch17) The author explains that football is a common ground for friends and rivals. It’s something you can talk about to others to because everyone’s opinion is valid, although, the author did not really have an opinion on football or any sport really. Until her marriage got tough.
She realized that her husband wanted to take control when times got hard. They were both