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Unit 6
E1& A:
Collate evidence which describes the role of the practitioner in working towards a healthy lifestyle and environment for children
The role of a practitioner is to be able to promote children to have a healthy lifestyle and environment which the good learn in to be able to do this there are number of aspects that need to be met . Practitioner can promote a healthy lifestyle for the children by doing:

Circle time
Posters around the school (for example posters that promote healthy eating and exercise) *Environment
Indoor and outdoor activities
Snack time or lunch time

This is Because children are growing it is very important they have regular snack times or break time to eat food or drink milk as they need calories and nutrients for them to be healthy. To have Good nutrition is key to your children's development and health, whether their toddler or a teenager. Providing children with healthy snacks can provide them with nutrition they need to grow and develop .also, it is important for children to eat at least every four hours; having scheduled snack times can help them feel energized and fit. In my setting for nursery, children get to have a snack time during their break which would regularly be milk/water and a piece of fruit or vegetable and cracks .and every day the fruit/vegetable would change for example if one day they get apples the other day they would eat carrots which are healthy for the children.

Other ways of promoting children to have healthy life style would be by having posters around the school in different languages so if a child cannot read English however can read French they would also be able to read and understand the poster, these posters can be around the setting for example, in front of the nursery you can have posters that promote healthy eating such as eat 5 fruits a day and keep fit or posters about doing regular exercise and eating vegetables. Also make sure the posters are colorful and have lots of pictures so that the children read the poster and make sure it has not that many words in it . In my setting we promote healthy eating by doing circle times or reading books to the children for example when we have circle time we talk about why it is important to eat fruit and vegetable and what would happen if we eat unhealthy food. We also talk about the good things and also we talk about what we eat last night or yesterday and what was healthy and what was unhealthy. Playing with the children and also Encourage them to take part for example if your playing football and there is a child in the setting who like football but is to shy then you can ask him to come play , in my setting Ben loves football but he is to shy to ask to play with the other children so he plays by his self so l normally ask if can play and he would say yes then and l will encourage the others by asking if the went play with ms Anisa and Ben then the other join in and Ben start to come out of his sheal and his playing and having fun with the other children. All areas of learning can be made bigger outdoors and gives space for more physical activity (chalking, splatter painting, trike painting)
Forest schools http://www.worcestershire.gov.uk/cms/pdf/Worcs%20Forest%20School%20Research%20Academic%20Journal.pdf What makes forest school unique is its emphasis on learning outside of the traditional classroom and having the freedom to explore the ever changing environment, to take risks and “assess risk for themselves” (Lindon 1999, p11). Weaver (1998) suggests “The children learn informally about nature through being out in the woods” (p14). This mean that a forest school are doing learning outside of the classrooms and learning by expiring the nature.
In appendix 1 it says...Identify the key circulation routes around the garden and keep them ice and snow free using slat, grit or sand.............. This means ... that the .. Practitioner. Role is to keep the children safe in the winter by