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Library Reading Program
(Text is from Unit Standard 8808)
Reading Log Three Genre: Graphic Novels

Title: Diary Of A Wimpy Kid : Rodrick Rules Author: Jeff Kinney

Date of publication: 25th March, 2011

Personal Response Starter

The character Rodrick Heffley is important because he is the main antagonist of this book and the book appears to be mainly based on him.

- Rodrick Heffley is Greg and Manny’s older brother, his in junior high school and the main antagonist of the second book and a minor bully to Greg.

One character I liked was Holly Hills because according to Greg she is the fourth cutest girl in his grade and she makes Greg’s love story interesting.

A challenge faced by character was being bullied by his own brother and Greg also got his laziness from Rodrick because he is extremely lazy when it comes to school.

If I was Greg Heffley I would have tried to stay away from Rodrick as far as I could because being bullied is not a great feeling or I could just try to solve things out with him because after all he is my brother anyway.

I can emphasise with Greg Heffley because being bullied is not a good feeling and of course everyone wants to be treated with respect and loyalty.

Ideas or themes
I thought the idea about mom making Greg and Rodrick spent time together was interesting because mom figured out that Rodrick and Greg don’t get along very well so mom devises ”mom bucks”, it’s a play money, she will pay them every time they doesn’t time together and they can trade in for a real one dollar.

This text made me think about a relationship between brothers that doesn’t get along very well. One important lesson I learned was no matter how annoying or mean your sibling could be, they are still related to you and in the end you’ll get along with then because they are your family.

I was surprised by the moment where their dad has found out photos of the party that they threw when their parents are gone.

The beginning made me want to keep reading because I wonder if they would get along in the end.

I think the most important part when Greg tries to apologize to Rodrick, realizing that Greg had lied to him that they are no longer friends and they return to being rivals.

The ending was surprising because at the talent show a few nights later, when Rodrick goes to his band while Greg