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Justin Schwab
November 10, 2014
Childhood Memories Utah childcare system (DCFS) is supposed to help children get away from their abusive fathers or mothers. It is supposed to listen to the stories of the children that are getting abused and try everything they can to help that child have a safe future. I learned what a big lie DCFS is and how a family can turn against you. I was coming home from a neighborhood basketball game when I looked up and saw two police cars sitting in my driveway. I wonder what my older brother Dakota did and what I would see inside. When I opened the door I saw three cops in their black uniforms my mother sitting in a chair crying my dad next to her trying to comfort her and my brother talking to a woman with a grin that would make the devil jealous. They all turn to me and one of the cops takes me into the kitchen and explains to me that my brother and I were going to be taken away for a bit and the woman was with DCFS. His words hit me like a ton of bricks and the world went out of focus, I couldn’t understand the rest of his words he shook me a bit and the world came back into focus at a hundred miles an hour. He told me to pack my bags for a week and expect to stay away for longer. I packed my bags and went upstairs my mom hugging me weeping into my shoulder telling me that she loves me next my dad is next to me and is telling me to be strong and that I’ll be home soon. I’m in the ladies car with my brother and he starts talking to her like they are best friends. The lady stops talking to him and turns to me and asked me what I liked to do for fun, I don’t answer her I feel like giving her the finger but somehow I know that I’ll get in trouble if I do that. She stops driving and when I look up I see that we are at a place called the Christmas box house. She explains to me that this place is a temporary holding place for kids under DCFs care. We walk in and she signs us in, I go and sit on a couch and try to take in all that has happened to me. My brother comes up to me and tries to talk to me he says stuff like this is the best and Dad got what he deserved, I tell him to @$#! off and leave me alone. He does and goes and talks to the staff of the Christmas box house. They give me a room and I stay up all night thinking why did this happen then I realized that my brother lied to DCFS and told them that my dad abused us (me and my brother). I stay at the Christmas box house for 3 miserable days. I thought those days were the worst of my life little did I know that I would be living a nightmare for a year. DCFS decided that I should live my great uncle. I can’t remember much about that place because I was shell shocked and was completely numb to emotion. I thought that I would go home and I wouldn’t be here for long, which was until I found out that my dad’s side of the family was backing up my brothers’ stories and that they (my dad’s side of the family) was even spreading their own nasty little stories. I stayed at my great uncles for about 2 weeks when I was sent to my uncle’s house. It was horrible there. My uncle told DCFS that I was a horrible kid that I would scare his kids and beat them up, that I was addicted to drugs and tried to kill myself. All of