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Shakespeare Essay

There is much controversy over the actual author of the plays supposedly created by Shakespeare. The unproven truth is that Shakespeare did not in fact write the plays accredited to him. There is not enough evidence that ties Shakespeare to his work. There are also no real reason as to why Shakespeare would have been intellectually capable of creating this plays due to his background, along with eat quality. Most importantly there is a high probability that someone would have wanted Shakespeare to take credit of their plays do the punishments being carried out for influential work in that period of time.
Shakespeare was obviously very different from other authors in his time due to popularity and style of writing one of the most different and mysterious things about him was his signature or lack there of. According to (cutler)keir,the Top Ten Reasons Shakespeare Did not Write Shakespeare(n.2):n.pag.web, Shakespeare rarely signed his work, and when he did he’s signature seemed to change each time. A common theory created by Shakespeare enthusiasts is that he didn’t sign much of his work because he was more interested in the quality of his work and expressing his views more than fame, However, my theory is that he was not the true author and that there was more than one author involved and that is why this group of authors were hesitant to sign there work in fear that people would noticing that the signatures were different and revealing the truth about Shakespeare.
There is even controversy over the authenticity of Shakespeare work when we loom at how intellectual, educated and smart one would have to be to create such works such as the ones credited to Shakespeare and at how little education Shakespeare had. According to (cutler)keir,the Top Ten Reasons Shakespeare Did not Write Shakespeare(n.2):n.pag.web, Shakespeare plays include many correct references to many different subjects including, history, theology, science, and phycology. To become knowledgeable in any of these subjects in that time one would have needed a significant form of education. This is something that Shakespeare had none of. The only education that Shakespeare supposedly had was in grammar school. However there is no documentation proving or even tying Shakespeare to the university. However, even if he did Attend this grammar school, then how was he so educated in science, history, and phycology? To be this knowledgeable , historians say he would have need at least four years of very specific and specialized education. Some peoples response to Shakespeare’s lack of education is that he was just a plain genius and that’s why he was also able to create such influential works and a new style of writing, but how does genius teach you history, of phycology, or science? Nobody is born with knowledge of any of these subjects. These are all things that require education. And with the depth used in his plays It would require a serious amount of formal education. None of which Shakespeare had. Even his small amount of grammar school is questionable due to a lack of documentation.
There is also reasonable doubt that Shakespeare could have written so many works with such great quality and so many different styles of writing Shakespeare had in his work. According to (cutler)keir,the Top Ten Reasons Shakespeare Did not Write Shakespeare(n.2):n.pag.web, Throughout Shakespeare’s career he supposedly wrote 37 plays, 154 sonnets, and 4 poems, with each play averaging around twenty thousand words. With several different writing styles through his plays and two different styles that he created are found in his poems. Not only is it highly improbable that someone could have created tat many works that were as popular, and with that much quality in one life time which was only around 50 at that time. Also, Due to the many different styles of writing found through his plays, sonnets, and poems There is…