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Club IT Part Two
Week 4
Professor Kathryn Moland, PMP

Club IT Part Two
Club IT has a very unique vision for the company. Ruben and Lisa are eager to take their business to another level of success and are ready to receive IT solutions. Three business problems needed to be identified to make correction. One problem that the company faces is that the clientel will eventually grow out of the Club scene as their responsibilities as adults increase. Many of the clients will veer away from the club scene as they mature. Another problem forecasted is the company’s objective is inside the box and not long term. Nothing has been indicated that they want to take over a particular market and create a monolpoly. By saying this, an example would be they want to sell tickets online for certain events offered at their club. This is thinking “inside the box”. A long term goal would be for Club IT’s website to sell advance tickets to all nightclubs in their city or different cities. By doing this, their website is promoted, club promotions go up and revenue streams are created from venue owners in different cities that want to sell advance tickets as well. Another problem that is predicted with Club IT includes not building strong relationships with technology companies since the majority of Club IT’s clients are mobile technology savvy.
Club IT’s resources include a strong internal foundation with their employees and systems. Their systems can be improved, but the foundation is not a disaster. Club IT’s customers will consistently change based on age. The age they are trying to cater to will remain the same, but the clientele will change. Club IT’s supply chain will continue to grow and branch out just like their clients. Club IT is the foundation to a growing enterprise. “Technology, especially web-based allows the supply chain of a single company’s customers and suppliers to be linked through a single network that optimizes costs and opportunities for all companies in the supply chain.” (Managing and Using Information Systems, 2006) With different areas the company can tap into, the more they will be able to expand and offer many different products and services. Club IT can be the foundation to many other subsidiary companies under their name.
With the IT solutions to the problems stated early, ERP has been chosen to eliminate these problems. “ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning which is integration of business processes that optimize functions across the enterprise.” (Introduction to Information Systems,2009) By choosing this type of planning this will allow the company to use it’s current resources and grow within to reach higher levels of success. “The purpose of an ERP is to facilitate the flow of information between all business functions inside the boundaries of the organization and manage the connections to outside stakeholders”. (Internet Encyclopedia, 2004.) By incorporating all departments of the company and coming together to come up with more efficient practices will allow the company to grow.